Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Passive Range of Motion Exercises in Post TPLO Mastiff

For those keeping track, we're now on day 13 post-TPLO.  Brinkley’s appointment for her staple removal and follow up/check up was yesterday.  Per the surgeon she is doing very well.  They told me I didn’t need to be using the sling to help her walk anymore.  She also got the go ahead to go on 2-3 five minute walks per day.  We are also supposed to start the PROM (Passive Range of Motion) exercises.  This includes icing the leg, massaging the leg, then 5 minutes of ‘bicycling’ the leg forwards, 5 minutes of ‘bicycling’ the leg backwards and 6-10 repetitions of us holding up the good rear leg for 15-20 second intervals to force her to stand on the surgery leg.  We’re going to start this tonight.  I hope she cooperates. 
The bad news is that the surgeon told me she is not allowed to get on the couch for the full 8 weeks following surgery.  She won’t be cleared for that until the second set of post-operative radiographs are taken, and everything looks okay of course.
On a separate note I collected all of the paperwork, bills, vet notes, etc to go to the pet insurance company.  I had the operation pre-authorized, so we’re keeping our fingers crossed everything goes through and we get a reimbursement from them.  So far our total bills are over $3600, the insurance should reimburse around $2700 of that.  If all goes right there I’ll have a nice thank you note to write to them. 

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