Friday, April 20, 2012

Toying with the Camera

Found some new settings on the camera.... This might be my favorite picture on the new Sony Alpha yet! 

Harvest Haze Griffin's On The Brink - Gryphon Mastiffs
"dis my toys.... stays back"

Mastiffs In Action

Good news for everyone.... My husband thought it would be a wonderful idea (with my suggestion of course!) that I get a DSLR camera for my birthday.  I was so excited, we spent several months researching and trying a few out at the camera store and I finally decided on which one I wanted.  While my birthday isn't until the end of June, I wanted to be able to take it with me to the MCOA National Specialty and be proficient at it's use, so my birthday gift was 3 months early :). 

Anyway, the good news for you is that I can now post even more pictures of my babies!  Here are some of the first I took while we were out hiking.  Several are from Three Creeks Conservation Area in Ashland, MO and several are from the Grasslands Trail at Rockbridge State Park.  Enjoy!