Thursday, March 1, 2012

Mastiff and Doggie Scrabble Tile Pendants, Keychains & Bracelets, Oh My!

So I've never been not acused of having OCD, LOL!  I tend to find a new project or hobby and completely obsess over it.  It used to be denium quilt making, after that I made dog toys, then it was gardening and plants, then making dog collars leashes and supplies (which I still do!) and now my newest found obesssion, Scrabble Tiles!  I know, lame right?  But there's so many things I can make out of them.  Here are some of my first creations, they will be for sale on very soon or you can check out more pictures on facebook at!/BooneandBrinkleysPetBoutique.

Reversible Mastiff Bracelet

Dog Related Pendants and Charms 

Okay, enough blogging, I have to go make more scrabble tile thingies!!!