Thursday, January 3, 2013

Brinkley Mastiff - Walking on Day 8, Post-TPLO Surgery

All I have for today is a quick video of Brinkley walking in the yard. Shawn is putting very minimal pressure on her sling (just enough to keep the handles taunt). She looks pretty good I think!

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BrinkleyMastiff - Walking on Day 8, Post-TPLO Surgery

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  1. Hello, we have a 2 year old mastiff in the same boat. He's 7days post op...I've had a hard time finding a harness/sling...can you tell me what brand yours is and where to find it? Our vet said we could use a towel/sheet rolled up tug of war style until we found the right sling. Thanks for any help! -Morgan

    P.S. Our Mastiff is named Brinks =)

  2. I actually was given a sling when I picked Brinkley up from the vets. By day 10 or so we weren't even using it anymore, good thing because it was about to rip (evidently they aren't really made for 170lbs of dog). I know if you want a long term use one there are harnesses called the 'Pick me up Harness', but if you are only needing it temporarily I wouldn't suggest paying the hefty price for it. How long did he suggest you use the harness for?