Tuesday, December 31, 2019

It's 2020, We're Bringing it Back!

Holy cow, where has the time gone?

My 2020 New Years resolution. Get this blog going again. I know a lot of folks still use the site for information, but I'm going to be adding lots of new stuff this year. So let me reintroduce you to us.

The Characters - The Residents of Gryphon Farm

Amanda - Me. Amazing person. Really.

The Husband - He has his uses. Referred to as "Dad" by the dogs.

Boone - 10 year old Mastiff. Our First Mastiff. Came from a BYB. He thinks he deserves more attention and to get to go everywhere with us. He barks at you to get attention but is so low on the food chain the barn cats will steal his food. Nicknames: The Brown One, Old Brown Man, Boonie, The Boone Dog

Brinkley - 9 year old Mastiff. She KNOWS she deserves more attention than the other dogs. She is weird. We call her Sheldon Cooper. She whines alot to get what she wants, even if we can't figure out what she wants (like your spot on the couch). She loves me more than life itself. Unless she is in a mood. She thinks she is the protector of the house, but is actually kind of a chicken when it comes down to it. Nicknames: Pig, The Pig, Muscly Armed Paper Boy, Paper Pig, Walrus, Bitch Pig

Atlas - 3 year old Mastiff. He is the baby boy. The sweetest little gigantic high energy puppy around. He looks about twice the size of the other 2, but is clumsy and doesn't know his own size. He will literally step on or sit on your head if it's in the way. He is the protector of the house, loves to run, and jumps more than any Mastiff I've ever seen. Nicknames: Poops, Asshole, Sweet Little Baby Boy, Turd Lips, Poopie

Molly - 14 year old DSH house cat. She is evil and mean. She hates all. People, dogs, cats, etc. She rules the roost and every other member of the household lives 'around' her. People included. Nicknames: Evil Bitch Cat, The Bitch

Asshole & Fleabag - 4 year old long haired barn cats. They are ferocious hunters, like to play chase me with the dogs, and are super awesome farm cats. Nicknames: Kitty Boys, Kitty Meows

Other Unnamed Characters - 15 Chickens & 10 Silver Fox Rabbits (+ like a bunch of babies ongoing)

So that is us. We live in the country in the middle of Missouri on a 150 acre farm. Stay tuned for more updated antics, real life experiences with health issues and conditions, adorable pictures and more Mastiff information than you ever really wanted.