Monday, January 14, 2013

Tasty Homemade Dental Treats to Combat Your Pooches Bad Breath

I’m not going to sugar coat this, and to some this may be news… but dog breath STINKS!  My dogs generally have a nice fish smell about their breath from the fish oil I add to each meal.  With a Mastiff that is obsessive about licking faces and one that thinks it’s fun to bark at you incessantly 8 inches from your face while you are watching TV getting a whiff of that nasty breath is inevitable.

My dilemma is that I don’t think there is a product on the market that I have found made to improve dog breath that I approve of.  Most have so many additives and indigestible crap that I would rather my dog just has the bad breath.

After whipping up a new batch of the peanut butter pumpkin treats I make for the dogs (get the recipe here) I thought, surely there is do it yourself recipe for breath treats for dogs.  Low and behold my trusted friend Google came through for me and I found a recipe that was almost what I wanted.  With just a few tweaks here’s what I came up with and am quite happy with.  Plus the dogs love them!

1 quart Plain Non-Fat Yogurt
1 Package Fresh Mint
1/2 cup Package Fresh Parsley

Mince up the parsley and mint.  I used my magic bullet to literally make a paste out of the parsley and mint. Add the mixture to the yogurt. Once mixed, spoon the mix into ice cube trays and freeze.  (I used a mini muffin pan) You can leave them in the ice trays, or to save freezer space pop them out and put them in a gallon zip lock bag.  

The dogs love them and it’s a huge improvement in their level of stinky breath.  Enjoy!

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