Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Credit Where Credit is Due - Brinkley's TPLO Surgery Thanks!

Well the good GREAT news is that Brinkley went for her 8 week follow-up xrays for her TPLO surgery yesterday.  The vet said she couldn’t be healing any better!  Woohoo, I’m so relieved.  Since this ordeal began, and now hopefully is coming to a close very soon, I would like to take a few quick moments to give credit where credit is due.

1.      Midwest Veterinary Referral Center, the specialty vet group who performed Brinkley’s surgery, and more specifically Dr. Jill Luther, VM, MS, Diplomate ACVS.  She could not have been more professional and compassionate about the situation, in handling Brinkley and answering my numerous questions.  The entire staff at MVRC was equally as wonderful in returning calls, emailing documents in a timely manner and following up after the surgery. They all went above and beyond in my book.
2.      PurinacarePet Insurance, who paid out on Brinkley’s insurance claim in a timely and efficient manner.  Not only did they pre-qualify the claim for me so it would payout once the bills came in, Lisa, an underwriter, specifically contacted me when a piece of information was missing, as well as emailed me while the claim was in process just to keep my up-to-date of when I should receive the reimbursement check.

3.      My work… what other company would be so wonderful to understand what a huge deal this was to me.  To so many others she’s ‘just a dog’, but at the office they know how important my pets are to me and had no qualms with providing me the time off to make the numerous vet visits.

4.      Orthodogs Yahoo Group, you are awesome.  There are so many knowledgeable people that are going through or have gone through the exact same experiences.  Everyone in the group is so willing to share whatever advice and opinions they have to help someone first experiencing a situation like Brinkley’s.

5.      To my friends both online and over the phone who have provided referrals, advice, experience and simple phone calls to see how we were doing.  This probably meant the most to me!  I had no idea how many supportive people Brinkley (and I) had in our lives.

So again, a big thanks to those who played such an integral part in Brinkley’s recovery.  I hope that no one who is reading our story has to go through this, but please feel free to contact me for any questions you have about our experience.  Now that I know how important it is to have experienced support, I am ready and willing to provide whatever help I can. 


  1. Hello - would you provide a long term update on the effectiveness of TPLO? We have a 2 1/2 year old mastiff that has a partial ccl tear that occurred this summer, it got better, but she had a fall in October and now if she is too active, has a setback. She improved again, but is limping again today after no real incident. We scheduled surgery next week and it makes me nervous that she might still have limping, etc. so would appreciate any insight as to what we might expect longer term. Thanks!

    1. Can you send me your email address, it would be easier than posting to here :)