Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Interview with A Mastiff - Boone Dog Mastiff

I thought it would be fun for everyone to get to know all of the gang a little better, so I’ve been interviewing everyone in the family! Our first guest interview is Boone!

Me and sissy Brinkley hanging in the backyard
Tell us about your family?
Well, my there’s the mom, she takes care of everything and feeds me and such. I try to get the dad to feed me by staring incessantly at him while he eats off the plate thing, but all I ever get is to lick his scraps off when he’s done. I like to play with the dad, I initiate this by barking at him for 5 minutes or more while he is busy until he either plays with me or the mom makes me stop (cause I don’t listen when the dad says to stop). My sissy Brinkley is super fun and I love to bug her and play with her, but sometimes she gets tired of me and gives me the stink eye, so I back off so I don’t get growled at. At that point I usually go bark at the dad again. And then there’s the cat. I like to follow her around sometimes and poke her with my nose and play, but deep down she terrifies me, so once she gets angry I run away or she bites my nose and makes it bleed! Owwwie! I’m kind of a big baby, so when she does this it is similar to me dying and I let the mom know by pouting for hours.

What is your favorite food?
We used to get little nuggets of hard stuff to eat, but since my 2nd birthday the mom gives us MEAT! I love meat, it’s so yummy. Before I would only eat a little bit and not eat some meals, but ever since I get meat I eat it all up…. except chicken livers… I don’t like those. They are icky. For treats I like the dried lamb lung the mom gets me at Lizzi and Rocco’s Natural Pet Market, I also get dried tracheas from there and moozles sometimes if I’m really good… or if the mom feels bad when she’s not home very much on a weekend or weeknight. I’ve figured that one out!

Wearing this stupid birthday hat was one
of my least favoritie things to do too
What is you’re least favorite thing to do?
I don’t like it when the mom washes me cause I stink, or at least that’s what she says, I don’t like it when she cuts my toe nails off with those horrid clipper things either, it’s awful. But most of all I hate when she puts that greasy chapstick SnoutStick stuff on my nose cause it gets dry. I HATE THAT. I think she got that stuff from Lizzi and Rocco’s too. The mom thinks it makes my dry nose better, but I don't care. hmmmppffff!

What are some of your hobbies?
I like to make sure the couch doesn’t get lonely for about 15 hours a day. Any other time I just want to GO, I don’t care where or why or how, I just want to GO! It’s my favorite word. I go hiking a lot, that’s one of my favorites!

Where are your favorite places to visit?
Lizzi and Rocco’s, where I get to meet lots of other dogs, get treats and get my picture taken to support other doggies and kitties that don’t have a mom and dad like me. I also like to go hiking anywhere! There are tons of trails around and I love them all. I like the ones with water to play in the best. I also like to tailgate the Mizzou games if it’s not too hot, I get tons of attention at those and I go to Bass Pro a lot and get petted by all the employees and customers too. Finally, I love to go to Columbia Canine Sports Center to learn all kinds of new things that make the mom yell at me less. They taught me how to be a good boy and be calm in public and respectful of other doggies.
Here's me hiking... I love hiking!
Boone what’s it like having a brindle as a little sister? Is what they say true?
Sissy is definitely crazy, she is so weird and sometimes she is mean to me on purpose. I love her to death though, probably way more than she loves me. Sometimes when I want her to play I go find her favorite toy and play with it right in front of her so she wants to play with me, works every time. She’s so easy.

What would you like to tell everyone about yourself?
I am the happiest, friendliest dog there is. I love everyone and everything. I would really like it if when people asked to pet me they actually petted me instead of patting me on the head once and then cringing when I try to sniff them, it’s just me saying hi, they should let me do it.


  1. Love the hiking picture! Nothing quite like seeing a dog enjoying the world outside of their yard. Awesome!!!

    1. While we have a nice big fenced yard, you are right. The dogs see it as a potty place. All things fun happen outside those walls so to speak.