Sunday, December 30, 2012

Day 3 Post TPLO Surgery

Brinkley is doing even better today.  She only whined at us for 45 minutes this morning while we watched T.V.  That’s down from the 2 hours yesterday.  She wants on her couch so bad.  I feel like we’re teasing her by sitting on it where she can see us.  The only change I made to her meds was that I didn’t give her the Xanax this evening.  I’m not really sure it does anything or not, and I really don’t feel like giving her even more pills that she doesn’t need.  We’ll see how it goes without them.

We took Boone for a hike today and while we were gone we put the inflatable e-collar on her. We’ll when we got back it was not on her.  Not sure how she maneuvered that one, but the incision is still clean, all staples are in place and it didn’t look like it had been slurped on, so I think we’re okay.
The only thing I’m a little worried about is the amount of fluid settling in her hock/ankle.  It’s not swollen, just fluid, but it keeps getting bigger.  Nothing has come out of the incision as far as drainage, it looks like it’s all collecting in her ankle instead.  I’m going to call tomorrow and see if I should be concerned or not.  Here’s a picture of her incision this evening, you can see the fluid build-up in her ankle in the picture on the left.
 Boone didn't want to get left out either, so here he is on his hike today.

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