Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Vaccination Protocol for Our Mastiffs and Puppies

We believe in raising our Mastiffs as naturally as possible.  This means we raise our dogs on a raw diet and vaccinate minimally.  When you get a puppy from Gryphon Mastiffs the puppy is on a modified version of Dr. Jean Dodd, DVM’s vaccination protocol.  However, instead of using the combination shot she recommends (Nobivac – Distemper and Parvo in one shot) we vaccinate for each illness separately to keep from introducing 2 different deadly virus’s into the puppies system at once.   
At 6-7 weeks your puppy will be vaccinated with NeoVacc-D (for Distemper) and at 8-9 weeks with NeoPar (for Parvo).  At 11 weeks your puppy will need a booster of the NeoVacc-D and at 13 weeks a booster with the NeoPar.  We strongly advise to keep your puppy on Vitamin C during this entire time to help keep their immune systems strong (as both these vaccines are modified LIVE virus’s).  We also recommend you pre-treat your pupy with the oral homeopathic Thuja to help blunt any adverse effects of the vaccines. Thuja can be given the day before, the day of, and the day after the vaccine to help prevent vaccine reactions.
At 20 weeks (or older if your state allows) your puppy will need a rabies vaccine.  The only mercury free vaccine on the market is the Merial IMRAB TF vaccination. You can pre-treat your puppy this time with the oral homeopathics, Thuja and Lyssin, to help blunt any adverse effects of the rabies vaccine. These homeopathics can be given the day before, the day of, and the day after the vaccine.  

At one year the protocol above can be repeated (we recommend titering instead of vaccinating if your state allows it on all vaccinations, however many states and municipalities require a rabies vaccination), but make sure each vaccine is given at least 3 weeks apart.  Repeat the oral homeopathies listed above.
Sometimes it is difficult to find a veterinarian who gives single virus vaccinations per this vaccination protocol.  Many vets are still using outdated data in regards to vaccinating. All twenty seven (27) of the Veterinary Schools in the United States have adopted these drastically modified protocols of Dr. Jean Dodd. If your Vet is willing to work with you and do what’s best for your puppy or dog, you or your veterinarian can purchase these vaccinations online from such places as Revival Animal Health or KV Vet Supply. Your vet can then administer the shot.

If your vet is pushing you to over-vaccinate please do your research or contact us (or ultimately find a new vet).  Remember, YOU are the advocate for your dog.  NOT your vet, NOT the vaccine companies, NOT the dog food companies (all profit based businesses). YOU and YOU alone are your dog’s advocate. Many vets follow what they learned in vet school 20+ years ago. Many vets follow the protocol’s set forth by the dog food companies (specifically Science Diet in many areas). Many vets don’t know there is a difference in the way you treat and medicate a giant breed vs. any other breed. Many vets don’t know the nutritional requirement for a growing giant breed, NOT the same thing as a large breed.  Many vets don’t know that there are numerous Anesthesia’s’ that are unsafe for use in Mastiffs.  And finally, the person at the pet store is NOT qualified to give you advice as to what to feed your pet.  They always try to do it, but what qualification do they have?  It is YOUR job as your dog’s advocate to make sure the right decisions are being made in regards to the well-being of your family member.  If your vet or anyone else is trying to bully or push you into decisions that don’t make you feel comfortable trust your instincts and find a second opinion. 

Again, the vaccines we recommend using if you have to vaccinate your puppy:
  • Distemper Shot: NeoVacc-D by NeoTech – available online from such places as Revival Animal Health or KV Vet Supply.
  • Single Parvo Shot: NeoPar by Neotech – available online from such places as Revival Animal Health or KV Vet Supply.
  • Rabies Vaccine:  thimerosal (mercury) – free – i.e. Merial IMRAB TF.  
For anyone intersted, Dr. Jean Dodd, DVM’s vaccination protocol can be found at

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