Monday, January 27, 2014

A Mastiff Poem

A little something written by my friend Terri Perkins, Oso Bodacious Mastiffs.  Enjoy!

Soft and gentle, are the snores
that shake my windows and rattle my doors.

Paws as big as dinner plates,
smash my feet like ten ton weights.

Drool that hangs from lips to floor,
I wipe it off, and still there’s more.

Slingers high, and slingers low,
where all they go, I do not know.

When the TV doorbells ring,
the pack I have begins to sing.

To the potty I will go.
With my entour--age in tow.

When they grunt and pass their gas,
I pray the Lord, this too shall pass.

Drool rags hang around the place.
To wipe that slimy, drippy face.

When I’m chilled, they warm my feet.
Mastiff love cannot be beat.

1 comment:

  1. I think this poem sums all the reasons not to have a mastiff rather well. :P I love the mastiff in their size, but the drool is something I just can't do. I'm going for large sighthounds instead.