Friday, January 27, 2012

Brinkley is a Top 5 Cutest Pet in November!

From Inside Columbia Magazine
by Haley Adams, Ashley Carman, Lauran Fitzpatrick & Jame Hausman
The first thing you notice about Brinkley is her size. The English mastiff weighs more than her owner, Amanda Griffin. Her neck is so big that Griffin has to make her collars. But once you get over Brinkley’s size, she is anything but intimidating. Her calm demeanor and leisurely walk is the mark of a gentle giant, not a dog that requires a “Beware” sign.

“Personality wise, Brinkley is  bout the weirdest dog ever,” her owner says. “She is a lap dog and she weighs 150 pounds.” Brinkley isn’t very ladylike — she snores, snorts and occasionally farts. “Her nickname is Piglet for good reason,” Griffin says.

Despite her less-than-mannerly proclivities, Brinkley is a show dog, and she earned her AKC Canine Good Citizen title last summer, which is the first step in
becoming a therapy dog.

She and her “brother,” Boone, the Griffins’ first mastiff, also participate in various rescue efforts and fundraising events locally and across the country.

Griffin acquired Brinkley from a breeder because she was interested in finding a show dog, but she is a strong believer in rescuing dogs. Reliable breeders are key, she says. “It is important to find a reputable breeder, not a pet store selling puppy mill pups or a backyard breeder breeding dogs just because they are registered,” she says. “You want to find someone who really cares about the betterment of the breed.”

The Griffins pour out their love to Brinkley and Boone. “These dogs are our children,” she says, “and we couldn’t love them more.”

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