Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Where They Are Now... An Update on the Brinkley & Wally Babies

Well the babies have all been gone for a month now.  It' seems like forever ago.  I thought for anyone keeping up to date on our saga would like to know where everyone ended up and how they are doing.
Lana, the brindle girl that everyone fell in love with, also my pick puppy, went back to live with grandma Kelly, Brinkley’s breeder in NY.  She is now known as Patsy, in honor of her St. Patrick’s Day birth and is officially known as Gryphon’s Try Your Luck at Harvest Haze. 

Pam, the big boned, outgoing fawn girl went to live with Roanne Rist of Rockee Top Mastiffs and lives just 10 minutes from grandma Kelly in NY.  Also named in honor of her St. Patrick’s Day birth, Pam is now known as Clover, and is officially known as Gryphon’s Rockee Top Fields of Clover at Harvest Haze. 

Here are Patsy and Clover at grandma Kelly's grooming shop learning to be social butterflies!

Cheryl, the spunky little fawn girl lives in Imperial, MO with Sam and Mary Ann Bevell.  Her new name is Jasmine, which means “Gift from God”.  She begins her AKC Star Puppy classes this month and will eventually be trained and certified as a Therapy Dog, assisting her owners in their home healthcare business. 
And last but now least, little (actually big) Archer.  The chunky, sweet little boy that so many people were fighting over… that everyone wanted.  Archer, now known as Roman went to live south of Kansas City with Tina Chapman.  Once he’s old enough I get to do all his showing!  He’s my ‘keeper puppy in a pet home’.  Roman will also be famous soon. He was sought out to be in the photo shoot for the upcoming 2014 Santa Paws lottery tickets from the Missouri Lottery.  That being said, everyone is getting lottery tickets for Christmas this year!
And Boone and Brinkley are here, things have settled down since the puppies all went home.  I tease that Boone is ‘an old man’ at 4 ½.  He still loves to go, but treasures his sleep is grumpy when you make him get out of bed too early in the morning!  Brinkley has hit a second childhood since she had the puppies.  She plays constantly, is always getting into mischief and loves to sit on people that visit the house. We recently watched Jasmine for a weekend and Brinkley was so pleased to have one of her babies and playmates back.  We originally got Brinkley so Boone would have a playmate, she was his puppy… maybe it’s time for Brinkley to get a puppy ;)

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