Tuesday, February 14, 2012

How to Properly Greet a Dog

I've seen alot of talk about this subject lately, and I think we all forget pretty easily how important this is.  Being a dog owner myself it drives me up a wall when someone comes squealing up to me to pet my dogs, generally they don't even ask permissions.  The funny ones are when they've begun to pet my dog without my permission, then look up at me and ask "does he bite".  Really people, come on!  How much intelligence does it really take here.  I take a breath and try and remind myself that we're representing the breed here and not to fly off the handle at folks like this.

I was doing some reading and came across the website of Sophia Yin, a highly respected dog trainer and DVM.  While snooping around on her site I found a free ebook download and thought I would share it here.  It would be a wonderful training tool for children or even adults that are uneducated about dogs.  Here's the link:  http://drsophiayin.com/blog/entry/how-to-greet-a-dog-ebook-free-download-for-one-week-only.

There is also a printable poster outlining all the correct and incorrect ways to greet a dog.  I plan on referring people to this site as well as printing a copy for each of my puppy kits.  Enjoy!

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